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When do I know if counseling is needed?

If you are experiencing any symptoms that are interfering with the quality of your life, such as: anxiety or nervousness, depression, difficulty concentrating, feeling out of control, or insomnia, then it is time to seek help. Increased arguments and conflicts, isolating yourself from others, and addictive behaviors are also signs that counseling is needed. Counselors can assist clients in career development and personal growth and development. Counseling is a personal choice and people may decide to attend for many varied reasons.

How long will I be in therapy?

Therapy is an individual process; therefore, there is no set number of recommended sessions. Some clients need more time than others depending on their issues and length of time that they have experienced those issues. Other clients may need only a few sessions to resolve their issues.

How often do I meet with my counselor?

This also varies depending on the client's needs. Initially, clients often meet with their counselor once a week and then move to every other week as they progress. Once you have met your goals, you may want to consider monthly sessions until your new behaviors become firmly established. Counseling is an active process and the more you take risks, complete homework assignments, and work hard the more rewarding and rapid your process will be.

What can I expect from my first counseling session?

If you have never been to counseling before, your first session may naturally provoke some anxiety. It is very helpful to discuss this with your counselor. During the first session, I gather information about you and what you are experiencing. Another objective of the first session is to establish your goals for counseling. It is also time for you to determine if you feel comfortable with me and if you would like to work with me.

Will my therapy sessions be confidential?

Confidentiality is the foundation for all mental health professions. You have the right to expect confidentiality from me with the following four exceptions:
  1. If you sign a written release of information to a specific person or facility (this includes insurance re-imbursement)
  2. If I receive a court order I must comply with the order to release information. That information is usually released as a summary.
  3. If you pose a threat to yourself or others
  4. If there is any abuse of a minor, handicapped person, or elderly person

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